The Pet Power Story

When we founded Master Creations Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995, we set out with one mission: to make the best smelling, longest lasting, and most effective odor eliminators on the market. And we succeeded! Our brands, including Bluntpower, Fast & Furious, and Trucker's Armor, are now sold in stores across the globe, and people can't get enough of our rockstar fragrances. Today, Master Creations Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of superior-quality odor eliminators and air fresheners.

Recently, we realized there was a huge need for quality, long-lasting pet odor elimination. We tested and retested our products against the competition and realized there was no comparison. Just a few sprays of our patented formula instantly remove unwanted pet odors and leaves any space smelling great for days, versus the mere minutes of freshness you might get from most other brands. Our goal was clear: to create a formula that's safe for use around our furry companions and become the industry standard for pet odor control. Once again we succeeded, and Pet Power is well on its way to becoming a household name for pet owners everywhere!

With over 50 unique scents, you'll surely find one you love. Grab a bottle or two today and experience the Pet Power difference for yourself!