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Pet Safety
Are your products safe for dogs?

All of our products have been rigorously tested and re-tested, and have been found to be safe for use around dogs.

Are your products safe for cats?

Our products have not been tested around cats, and at this time we advise keeping our products away from them. If you do choose to use our air fresheners or odor eliminators around cats, please exercise extreme caution, as overspray can get on their fur and paws and cause digestive trouble if ingested while grooming. Additionally, our air fresheners and odor eliminators can be dangerous felines with asthma or other breathing sensitivities.

Our dry shampoos and dog colognes should never be used on cats.

For more information on how cats and other pets can react to air-care products, please visit the following resources:


Can your products be used directly on my pet?

Other than our dry shampoos and dog colognes, it is not recommended to apply our products directly to your pet. Our dry shampoos and dog colognes should be used on dogs only, and solely as per manufacturer instructions.

Other Questions
How do you use Pet Power Odor Eliminators?

Our odor eliminators and air fresheners are most effective when sprayed in open air or directly on fabrics where pet odors can cling. The amount you'll need to use will vary, but we recommend starting out with 2-3 sprays in the affected area.

Do you offer free samples?

Unfortunately, it is cost prohibitive for us to send out free samples to everyone who requests them. To solve this, we put together a sample pack that contains .5floz bottles of 5 of our best selling odor eliminators for only $19.99. We also offer a 3 pack sampler for $12.99. This was the only affordable way we've found to answer the need for samples, as these packs are sold at our cost.

Pet Power Odor Eliminator 5 Pack Sampler
Pet Power Odor Eliminator 3 Pack Sampler 

Can I use your product on furniture?

Yes! Our products can be used on furniture, but we recommend avoiding use on leather or varnished wood, as the oils in our products can damage certain finishes.